Unit 2 Havens head Business Park
Milford Haven Docks
Milford Haven
SA73 3LD

O: 01646 696935
M: 07890 636201
W: www.heavydutyhoses.co.uk
E: garry.wale@heavydutyhoses.co.uk

Hydraulic Hoses Made To Pattern

You can come to our premises located in the marina area of Milford Haven where we can make you a new hydraulic hose to the exact specification and pressure rating of your original while you wait.

We have the capability to clean new hoses with a cleaning pellet which is blown though via air pressure to ensure minimum contamination introduced to your machines hydraulic system. (Most premature hydraulic failures are due to dirt entering and then wearing or blocking the fine tolerances within hydraulic valves, pumps and motors etc.)

When making hoses we use collapse gauges to check that the correct swage diameter has been reached.

This ensures hoses you buy from us achieve their maximum possible lifespan and do not fail prematurely due to being under or over swaged.   

We don’t use the cheapest materials available to us on the market to make hoses. We use high quality, proven and consistent materials from a reputable European manufacturer.

The very slight premium we pay on materials cost is far outweighed by the reliability and longevity of the hoses we supply our customers, ultimately saving them time, frustration and money.


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